Department of Bengali

The department of Bengali was established in the year 2012 as General Course and Honours was introduced in 2013. The department of Bengali Language and Literature has been running with enthusiasm to nurture human resource by various ways of learning and intellectual activities. The department has been growing day by day with the effort of all the stakeholders. Under the guidance of the faculties, every year, students of the department used to take part in various creative activities. Apart from covering the prescribed syllabus dept. organizes meeting with various writers, dept. seminars, publish wall magazine. The academician and faculty members of the department are always enthusiastic to help the students in every possible way.

Name: Ankur Debbarma, HOD-in-Charge

Designation: Assistant Professor


Contact number: 8416044487

  • He finished MA in Bengali from Tripura University in the year and cleared NET with JRF IN 2012.
  • He is presently pursuing PhD from Tripura University.
  • His area of specialization is KOTHASAHITYA, Linguistics.                               
  • He joined his profession as Assistant Professor on February, 2014.
  • He is HOD In-charge of Department of Bengali.
  • He has attended 1 FDP, 2 Induction Programs and 1 Refresher Course.
  • He is often engaged as Paper Setter and Evaluator under Tripura University UG Final Examinations.


Papers in Journal

Sl No.

Name of the Journal

Paper Name


Vol-Issue, Page Number


Year of Publication



Tripurar Aanginay

Narendranath Mitrer golpe shilpovabona


Vol-04, Issue-01, Page 54-57

Tulsi Publishing House 




Ebong Mohua

Anita Agnihotrir ‘Olik Jibon’ : Ekti Bishleshoni Path


23th Year, 137 Volume, Page 30-37

K. K Prakashan

Aug, 2021

Peer-Reviewed  U.G.C CARE LIST-I, 2021 Approved Journal



Nandakumar Debbarma-r Uponyash : Ekti Bishleshoni Path


Volume-5, Issue – I, Page 36-49

Raju Deb on behalf of Arts and Social Science Forum of North- East


Peer- Reviewed multidisciplinary research Journal 

  1. Paper Presentations in Seminars 

Sl No.

 Seminar Topic

Paper Presented




National Seminar on ‘Exploring Environmental History in North East India : Trends and Possibilities’

‘Longtorai’-Exploring Longtorai’s natural environment and the lifestyle of reangs

28th-30th May, 2014.

Department of History, Tripura University


National Seminar on ‘Imaging  and  imagining the North-East : Discourses on North-Eastern Literature, Culture, Creativity and Criticism’

Tripurar Itihash Sanskritir Boigganik Dalil : Mudra

22nd-23rd August,2014.

Department of English, Tripura University


National Seminar on ‘Media of North-East India : Prospects and Challenges’

Tripurar Cholochitro : Prekkhit ‘Longtorai’ o ‘Mathia’

November 29th& 30th , 2014

Communication & Journalism Department, Gauhati University, Assam


International Seminar on ‘Adwaita Malla Barman : Jibon o Srishti’

Adwaita Malla Barman-er jonopriyotar karon : bektishotta o lekhokshottar  tulonamulok  oddhoyon

3-4 march, 2016

Department of Bengali, Tripura University


National Seminar on  ‘Sahityik Narendranath Mitra : Prak Janma – Shatabarshe Nabaniriksha’

Narendranath Mitrer Chotogolpe bivinno shilpo maddhomer  bebohar: ekti porjobekkhon

14th August , 2015

Department of Bengali, Tripura University


International Seminar on ‘Bangla Uponyas : Samayer Darpane’

Swami Vivekananda-Er Byekti Choritro Onushondhan : ‘Prothom Aalo’ Uponnasher Aaloke 

29-30 April, 2017. 

Dept. of Bengali, Ramthakur College, Agartala  



Name: Asha Purna Debi

Designation: Assistant Professor

Contact number: 9863486454

  • She competed MA in Bengali  and cleared SET.
  • Her area of specialization is KOTHASAHITYA.
  • She first joined the post of Assistant Professor in 2022 in Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur.

Name: Arabinda Debnath

Designation: Graduate Teacher

Contact number: 9436476285

  • He completed MA in Bengali.
  • His area of specialization is Bharatiya Kathasahitya.
  • He first joined in Ambedkar College, Kumarghat in the year 2010.
  • He is presently working at Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur since 2017.

Name: Raj Nath

Designation: Guest Lecturer

Contact number: 8131874253

  • He completed  B.A (Gold medalist) with Bengali honours in (2017).
  • He completed MA in Bengali from Tripura University in the year 2019.
  • He finished B.Ed in the year 2021.
  • His area of Specialization is Rabindra Literature .
  • He joined Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur on 30.09.2021

Name: Priyanka Nath

Designation: Guest Lecturer

Contact number: 6000534515/8974555513

  • She completed MA in ICL, Assam University in the year.
  • She is pursuing M.Phil from Assam University
  • She joined Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur in the year 2019.
  • Her area of specialization is Indian Comparative Literature.
  • She has attended webinars and awareness programs.

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