Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur


Core Values of the College

Mutual trust and understanding, family-spirit work, promotion human values, sharing of knowledge, skills and resources in generosity to generate a vivacious environment.

We value, respect and uphold the interests, perspectives, rights and dignity of each individual.

We facilitate all benefits for all and check deprivation from all schemes.

Code of Conduct for Teaching Staff

• It is desirous that every faculty member should work within the institutional guiding principles and practices so as to go well with the vision and mission of the college.

• All HODs in consultation with faculty members should prepare a lesson/teaching plan, well in advance before commencement of each semester.

• During the period of service, all members of the teaching staff shall render service honestly and efficiently under the guardianship of the Head of the Institution.

• No member of the staffs shall engage in any political activity overtly within the college campus.

• All teaching staffs are to be punctual for classes and should stick on to the timings scheduled for any other activities and events organized in the college.

• The duties assigned to teachers consist of lectures/ tutorials/seminars/group discussions in the allocated workload of the individual teacher. In addition, they will also undertake responsibilities of conducting exams, and engaging evaluation and performing invigilation, administrative work, providing counsel to students and participating in extra-curricular activities and institutional support activities as required and deemed fit.

• Mentoring System will be followed by every teacher and the teachers should exert appropriate concern of their group of students by steering, stirring, counseling, inspiring and monitoring them.

• Impartiality with all students irrespective of their religion, caste, economic, social and physical identity should be maintained by all staffs.

• Any kind of action that violates the decorum or morality of the college within the campus with invite admissible punishment.

 • Practice of private tuitions and coaching classes is totally banned for teaching staffs.

• Admissible and permissible leave as per rules with prior intimation may be granted; under the purview that particular responsibility of staff concerned is assured for completion of academic schedule.

• Inquire to make academic growth unremitting through study and research;

• Express free opinion by participation at meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. towards the contribution of enhancement of quality education is much welcomed.

• Cultivate true respect the right and dignity of the student in expressing his/her opinion;

• Encouragement should be given to students for improvement of their academic endeavour, develop their personalities and building of ethical sentiments;

• Inculcate among students, scientific outlook and respect for physical labour and ideals of democracy, patriotism and peace.

• Discipline oneself from inciting students against other students, colleagues or administration.

• All Staffs must refrain from any form of unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status/physique/language/community in their behaviour towards their colleagues, teaching staffs and students.

Code of Conduct for Ministerial Staffs

• The normal office hour will be as per government rules on all working days.

• All Staff members should display the highest possible standards of professional behaviour. They should be punctual and disciplined towards their work.

• All Staffs strictly shall maintain confidentiality with respect to student and staff records and other susceptible issues.

• All Staffs must refrain from any form of unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status/physique/language/community in their behaviour towards their colleagues, teaching staffs and students.

• Zero-tolerance towards sexual harassment is to be maintained.

Code of Conduct for Students

• Students are to follow the class routine for attending lectures/tutorials/seminars and other extra-curricular activities which are mentioned in the academic calendar as well as announced from time to time.

• The University rules require a student to have a minimum of 75% attendance of the total lectures, tutorials and seminars/group discussions delivered separately, failing which the student will not be permitted to sit for the University Examination.

• Students attendance in the following College Functions is mandatory: Founding Day, Graduation Day, Annual Cultural Festival, Sports Day/Week, NSS Day for NSS Students, the Annual Function and other College events.

• Students are expected to obtain clearance from the College before the University examination on the basis of their attendance record and participation in the activities of the college.

• Students not attending classes for more than four consecutive weeks must inform the Principal/Teacher In charge in writing or else their guardians will be summoned to give/show reasons to College authority failing which they will not be allowed to sit in any exams.

• Application for leave is to be made in advance and submitted to the principal. In case of illness, application for leave along with a medical certificate (Issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner) signed by a parent and counter signed by concerned teachers should be submitted within “one week” of re-joining the college.

• Students must wear college uniform and carry their Identity card inside the campus. For any official work or attending classes or any college events wearing uniform and identity card is compulsory else it will not be entertained under any circumstances.

• Students must help to keep the campus neat and clean. No littering inside the campus.

• Use of cell phones during lectures is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this will lead disciplinary action.

• Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the notice board on regular basis.

• Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper in the premises is strictly prohibited.

• Students are not allowed or make unauthorized use of the college premises or items of property on the campus.

 • Students should not indulge in any kind of ragging or any other activities that can lead to harassment of any kind towards fellow students.