This Committee was formed on 5 th November, 2016. The Committee plans and works for overall development of the College. CDC makes recommendation regarding developmental plans, renovation, innovation as well as expenditure estimation of the College.

College Development Committee (CDC) members:

1. Dr. Roitualiana Darlong, Principal In-charge, Chairman
2. Lalnghakhleli Rawite, Assistant Professor, Member Secretary
3. Dr. Lalrinnunga Hmar, Assistant Professor, Member
4. Singthuampuii, Assistant Professor, Member
5. Akhil Baidya, Post-Graduate Teacher, Member
6. Balabhadra Sarma, Head Clerk, Member
7. Lawmnapari Tochhawng, Store Keeper, Member
8. Diana Chakma, Student, Member
9. Sukanta Nath, Student, Member

Activities: It inspects the College buildings and other infrastructure for any defects or damage. The Committee sits regularly for planning and implementation of developmental activities of the College.