Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy started its academic journey from the academic session 2013-14. Initially the department was run by Guest Faculty. In the second year of its existence, Dr. Roitualiana Darlong, Assistant Professor joined the department. Since its inception there have not been good strength as there are not many students in the feeding schools as well. Philosophy is taught as elective subject only since its beginning till date. Dr. Darlong is single faculty member until Dr. Monoranjan Das, Associate Professor joined the family but who stayed only a year and half.

As the department always has small number of students, it is easy to impart education with various methods, like micro teaching, group discussions, departmental seminars etc. Moreover, teachers can be easily access by students. The department has adequate number of books in the library. 

The department lays prospects and scope for the students through the designed syllabus  and beyond to help build their lives meaningful and pursue human values. It is through ethical motivational endeavor that students are equipped in incorporation of social and political philosophy as well.

The department arranged tutorial type classes for weak and slow learners in addition to normal routine.

Name: Dr. Roitualiana Darlong

Designation: Assistant Professor, Head of the Department i/c

Contact number: 9436532644
  • He completed MA in Philosophy from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya in 2013. He did and awarded Ph.D. from NEHU under the supervision of Dr. L. Lenka, with the title, “Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Anthropology” in 2018.
  • He was offered and joined the post of Assistant Professor in August 2005. He was first posted at Belonia College (now Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College), South Tripura.
  • He is currently working at Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur since December 2013.
  • He has a total of more than 16 years teaching experience.
  • He is taking dual charge of Principal and HOD since June 2021.
  • He specialized in Symbolic Logic and his area of interest in Analytic Philosophy.
  • He has 2 papers publication in UGC care listed journals , one paper in edited national seminar anthology and one paper in edited international seminar anthology.
  • He has organized one National Webinar on the topic, “Educational ethics in the philosophy of Wittgenstein” on 31st October 2020.
  • He has presented at least 5 papers in national/international seminars and participated not less than 15 national seminars/webinars.
  • He has attended 1 Orientation and 2 Refresher Courses and 1 Online Faculty Development Program


List of paper publications:

Name of the paper

Name of the journal/book

Place of publication

Philosophical Perspective on Globalization

Contour of Globalization

Global Publishing House, Vishakhapatnam (2012)

Wittgensteinian Interpretation of Language

Recent Responses to the Philosophy of Wittgenstein

(Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Society Publication Series-1)

Occam Academic Press, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


“Understanding ‘I’ in the philosophy of Vivekananda and Wittgenstein: A Comparative Study”

Langlit (An international peer reviewed journal) ISSN 2349-5189, Nov 2020 Vol.7 Issue 2

An Open Access Journal

The Idyllic nature of woman as portrayed by Swami Vivekananda

Langlit (An international peer reviewed journal) ISSN 2349-5189, May 2021, Vol.7 Issue 4

An Open Access Journal

Name: Nirupam Nath

Designation: Guest Faculty

Contact number: 9366552974
  • He has completed M.A. in Philosophy in 2019 from Tripura University. 
  • He obtained B.Ed from WBUTTEPA, West Bengal in 2021.
  • His Area of Interest is Indian Philosophy and he specialized in Western Logic.

Name: Dr. Srirupa Datta Choudhury

Designation: Guest Faculty


  • she completed MA in Philosophy from Assam University in 2013.
  • She was awarded Ph.D. from Tripura in 2020.
  • She specialized in Ethics, Western Philosophy. 
  • She has received Women Researcher Award from VD Good, Chennai, India.
  • She has worked as a Guest Lecturer at IGNOU Study Center from 2018 July to 2020. And presently working as Guest Lecturer at  Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur from 2021.

Name of the paper/Book

Name of the journal/book

Place of publication

Kant’s Epistimological Position

Dimorian Review (Peer Review journal),


Hegel’s Overcoming of the Appearance and Reality Dichotomy

Dimorian Review (Peer Review journal),


Hegel’s Critique Of Kant’s Appearance and Reality Dichotomy

Jigyasa (An   Interdisciplinary Refereed Research Journal)


Appearance and Reality (with Special reference to Early Greek Philosophy and German Phhilosophy) 

Anekant Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (UGC care list Journal).


Relationship between man and women in the writing of D. H. Lawrence. 

Treatment of Women in The Writing of D. H. Lawrence.  

Upanayan Publication, New Delhi. ISBN no-9788194926795


Rabindranath Tagore: Religion and Philosophy

Contemporary Critical Perspective on Rabindranath Tagore

ISBN NO- 978-93-91467-39-5


Seminar attended/presented paper

Name of the paper


Place of publication

Role of Society in Creating Positive Mindset among the Adolescent

National Seminar in Tripura University


Difference between Phenomenon and Noumenon in Kantian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy Congress, Bodh Gaya


Appearance and Reality

ICPR Seminar Lucknow


Hegel’s Dialectical Position

IPC Seminar 


Consciousness about Environment in Buddhist philosophy

National Seminar on Contemporary Issues in education: North East India perspective

At Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College, Belonia, South Tripura


Role of Yoga in human behavior and depression management in the context of COVID-19. 

International seminar in K.G.K. college, Moradabad


Ahimsa and The concept of Truth. 

International seminar of AIPC in NEHU, Shillong  


Internet of Nano Things

International Seminar, Tongmyong University Busan, South Korea

1st to 2nd November, 2021