Principal's Message


Dr. Roitualiana Darlong

Principal in charge, Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur

"Enhancing Human Values”

Development and progress is canonized from materialistic world view in the present human society. Modern man is running after fame and money oriented activities. In consequence the we-feeling amongst human beings is deteriorating. Civilization and culture is no more parallel to each other. Culture is lagging behind due to speedy movement of civilization. Where culture should be the jewel of life, it is now dimmed and dying. Culture is making a cry out loud. There cannot be anything that we can value it without culture. Taking it into consideration the poor nature and pathological conditions of culture and human values taken together, Govt. Degree College, Kanchanpur has stood up to take measures to rejuvenate human values  and resuscitate true human culture through quality education keeping ethics at the centre.

Moreover, it is the interest and one of the visions and missions of this institute to make viable and sustainable environment within the campus and its vicinity and expand it through propagation of awareness programs, cultural exchange programs, seminars, etc.

I take the privilege to raise a banner of holistic development for all aspirants who are coming to this house of education and treating it as prolific will not leave with empty heart or hand.

I invoke God’s blessings to all students for their bright and colorful future and intervention from Him in their academic obstacles.